Rev. Jan M. Brown, the Founder and Executive Director of SpiritWorks Foundation, spoke with two of our staff about recovery, community organizing, and the importance of practice.

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Support for Loved Ones

It can be difficult to find resources tailored to the needs of families and loved ones. Here, we have collected a variety of support tools and communities for anyone who has a loved one struggling with substance use.

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Carrie Wilkens, PhD

Practicing Self-Compassion

Have you ever said to yourself, “I shouldn’t be so mad about this”, “I should be able to handle this and it’s pathetic that I can’t”, “I can’t handle feeling so lost”, “or “I should be able to just get over this and move on”? Learn how to practice being kind to yourself during these painful moments.

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Guest Post

Setting Boundaries

When my daughter first started misusing substances, I knew I needed to change my approach to parenting, but I wasn’t sure how. When I learned that people with boundaries can be more compassionate because they don’t feel taken advantage of, it sparked a major realization for me.

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