The Importance of Our Work During COVID - 19

This is a critical time. Now more than ever, people who have been touched by addiction are in need of support and assistance.

As many of us remain at home for the foreseeable future, some may be separated from a loved one they are concerned about with limited means of checking in. Others may be living in close quarters with someone who is actively struggling, leaving family members unsure of how to navigate the new pressures of being homebound in this context.

The staff at CMC:Foundation for Change has decades of clinical experience teaching people how to move through the high-pressure situations that surround substance use and recovery. Our Invitation to Change Approach®️ helps families take care of themselves in difficult times, as they begin to better understand substance use and use effective communication and behavior skills to move with their loved one towards change.

We will continue to update our work to keep our evidence- based methods relevant and accessible. We are currently developing an online training platform for families, as well as a series of short lectures from experienced clinicians. Both of these services will be available online and accessible anywhere. In addition, we will continue to push forward the release of our newest interactive workbook, the third edition 20 Minute Guide.

If you are looking for a way to support our mission, please consider donating to help us keep our services accessible and affordable: