Who We Are

CMC:Foundation for Change is a nonprofit organization staffed by addiction professionals with one mission: to provide help and hope to the families of those struggling with substances.


We are devoted to training parents in effective strategies to help their children who are struggling with substance use, and improve the functioning and health of the whole family. There is a wealth of research-supported and clinically-tested information for families (parents, spouses, grown children, etc) about how they can help a loved one change behaviors while staying connected and staying positive. Families can learn these skills and succeed in helping their loved one. At CMC:Foundation for Change we have made these tools understandable, practical, and accessible. We can help families and communities understand the problems they face and approach them more compassionately and effectively. We want to get these tools into the hands of the most powerful advocacy group we have: families who have a loved one who is struggling.


We have a crisis in this country. And it is a long-standing crisis, not only the opioid use and overdose issue we hear about in the news day after day. In the 60’s it was the heroin crisis; in the 80’s it was the crack crisis; in the 2000’s it was the college binge drinking crisis. All devastating, all scary, all leaving families afraid and unsure of how to best help.

Currently, there are 110 accidental deaths a day, or one person every 13 minutes accidentally dying from opiates, adding huge urgency to our efforts and dedication to those families entering this particular substance-related nightmare. We deeply feel this responsibility: to change the national conversation concerning substance use from one of shame, isolation, and a “one-size fits-all” ideology to one of collaboration, respect, and the honoring of the individuals and families engaged in this struggle. That will be our way forward.

111,000,000 family members are affected by addiction.

Join us in the fight to give these families hope.

Note: CMC:Foundation does not provide direct clinical care. Instead, we send trainers directly into community groups and organizations to teach strategies that research has shown to be effective in helping substance users.


CMC:Foundation for Change is a 501(c)(3) organization.