Parent Coaching

The experience that a parent who has had children who have struggled with substance use issues brings is invaluable for parents who are currently going through that struggle and are looking for support. CMC:Foundation for Change and the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids have partnered to help parents help parents through the innovative Peer-to-Peer Parent Coaching Network. CMC:Foundation for Change provides parents who have volunteered to be Parent Coaches training in evidence-based techniques and prepares them to be live parent coaches for families in need. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the engine that keeps this project running by doing everything from recruiting parent coach volunteers to running the Helpline, the first point of contact for parents looking for support.

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“Having someone with first hand experience and also a parent was a life line. I didn’t feel like I was alone in this situation. I looked forward to these calls for the five weeks we met. She complimented me, was non judgmental. She helped me with tools on how to react in a positive way. She was a lifeline to me.”
Feedback from a Parent