The Invitation to Change Approach: Helping Families Affected by Addiction

Combining CRAFT, Motivational Interviewing, and ACT to help families struggling with addiction.

A two-day virtual workshop sponsored by Portland Psychotherapy


May 13-14, 2022








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Continuing Edu.

13 CE credits
See details on Registration Page


This two-day virtual workshop will provide skills training for professionals focused on the process of working with clients who have a loved one struggling with substance use issues. The Invitation to Change Approach draws on CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training), MI (Motivational Interviewing), and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to provide a compassionate and collaborative way of working with the families and concerned significant others of people who struggle with substance use.

These evidence-backed modalities show that the loved ones and family members of someone who is struggling can help. The ITC Approach provides these loved ones with the tools to do so. Participants in this training will learn positive reinforcement, communication, and self-compassion skills that they can in turn share with families.

Instruction in the ITC is based in didactic instruction, experiential activities, and practice exercises facilitated by presenters. Participants will learn to apply these skills to use the Invitation to Change Approach in clinical practice.

This event will include 13-hours (6.5 hours each day) of training in the ITC Approach over two days.


Professionals in the mental health / addiction field. This can include, but is not limited to, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Certified Counselors. This approach is designed to be useful in a variety of contexts, including group and individual clinical settings, self-help/coaching relationships, and other professional and interpersonal settings.


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