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There is Hope in Recovery

September 29-30, 2020

A Free Virtual Workshop for Parents, Family Members, Recovery Communities and Caregivers


September 29-30, 2020
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Virtual Workshop


Virtual Workshop


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Day 1

Tuesday | September 29, 2020
5pm to 7:30pm

“Let’s Talk Addiction, Recovery & The Power of Kindness”


Edward Grinnan (Editor-in-Chief, Guideposts)


Rev. Jan Brown (CEO, Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation)
Dr. Carrie Wilkens (Co-Founder of CMC: Foundation for Change)


Steve Grant, Author (“Don’t Forget Me”)
Shannon Crossbear (Change Agent with Change Matrix)
Lauryn Wicks (Public Policy Committee, Faces of Recovery)

Day 2

Wednesday | September 30, 2020
9am to 4pm

“An Invitation to Change: Helping a Loved One Struggling with Substances”

is a workshop led by Carrie Wilkens PhD and Jarell Myers PhD of CMC: Foundation for Change.

The Invitation to Change (ITC) approach® is a practical, compassionate and research-proven roadmap for helping a loved one make healthy changes. The ITC is not based on “detachment” or “tough love” and instead helps family members take care of themselves while also staying engaged with and helping their loved one make positive changes.

We explore ways to help through Understanding, Awareness, and Actions and offer powerful strategies to combat the impact of shame and stigma. Learn to use kindness to accelerate the healing process for the person struggling and the family who loves them.


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