Where There's Life, There's Hope:

Diminishing Risk in The Midst of The Opioid Epidemic

Dr. Kenneth Carpenter facilitates a workshop on The Invitation to Change Approach: combining CRAFT, MI, and ACT to help families struggling with substances.


September 12, 2019


Hartford, CT




We are currently facing a national and statewide opioid crisis which demands enhanced treatment services, recovery supports, and prevention initiatives. Despite increased availability of these systems and interventions, there are still many individuals affected for whom traditional services have not worked and harm reduction becomes an alternative. The statewide conference will bring together experts in the field of addiction and substance use to discuss approaches to reduce risk for those who struggle with an opioid use disorder. Keynote speakers Van Asher and Sharon Stancliff, MD, will challenge the definition of recovery and present innovative ways to address the opioid crisis. Breakout session presenters will pay particular attention to the roles of community organizing, clinical work, first responders, prevention, and adolescent substance use. Visit the Connecticut Women’s Consortium Website for details.

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