There are over60 Million People

in this country who have a loved one struggling with a substance use disorder.

They are on the front lines of a substance use crisis and are being directly impacted financially, emotionally, and physically.


of these families will ever receive the help that they need.

What We Do

CMC: FFC works to develop and spread awareness of life-saving evidence-based support and treatment approaches.

We provide materials, resources, and programs to the loved ones of those struggling with substance use, as well as to community groups, treatment providers, and health professionals.

When loved ones reach out for help, they often get advice from both professionals and friends that is antiquated and punitive:

“use tough love”, “detach”, “let them hit bottom.”

These strategies are not based in science, are not effective, and are leading to huge amounts of suffering for everyone involved, including unnecessary loss of life.

People need support, not only for themselves, but to help them in supporting their loved ones through change. Through our work, we can provide that support.

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Our Mission

CMC:Foundation for Change has the singular goal of getting effective evidence-based tools to the families of those struggling with substance use issues. We take the best science has to offer (including compassion!) and make it accessible and easy to understand so that family members can help their loved one and themselves. Our goal is to empower families and help them change their experience from one of shame, secrecy, and suffering to one of hope and positive action.

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