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The Invitation to Change: A Short Guide is a practical guide to the 9 core topics of the Invitation to Change Approach, the helping approach at the core of everything we do.

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Helping Families Help

CRAFT-based resource hub and provider directory for family members interested in practicing the work within their family. Links to professional trainings, consult groups, and provider community for providers who want to bring CRAFT-based work, including the Invitation to Change, into their communities.

Faces & Voices of Recovery

An organization dedicated to helping those affected by substance use through advocacy and education, calling for policy changes to support the community and reduce stigma.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Federal agency that shares information, services, and research about substance abuse and mental illness.

National Harm Reduction Coalition

A group focused on connecting affected individuals with harm reduction strategies in an accessible way.

Start Your Recovery

An organization working to connect individuals with helpful information and resources regarding substance use and recovery.

HEROES in Recovery

Celebrates the stories of those struggling with mental health issues, their family members, and their friends.

Partnership to End Addiction logo

The Partnership to End Addiction

Provides personalized resources and support to families and loved ones across the country.

Grief Recovery After Substance Passing (GRASP)

A healing community offering understanding compassion and support to those who have lost a loved one to substance use.

The Alliance for the Safe, Therapeutic and Appropriate use of Residential Treatment (ASTART)

A community of professionals, family members, and survivors that promotes access to safe, effective community-based care, while educating families about the dangers of some residential programs.

Support Groups

It can be difficult to find resources tailored to the needs of families and loved ones. Here, we have collected a variety of support tools and communities for anyone who has a loved one struggling with substance use.

SMART Family & Friends

Support Meetings | Online & In-Person | Free

Partnership to End Addiction logo

The Partnership to End Addiction

Support Meetings for Parents and Caregivers | Online | Free

Alano Club of Portland

Invitation to Change Support Group | Online | Free

New Canaan Parent Support Group

Lectures and Support Meetings | Online & In-Person | Free

THRIVE Groups for Loved Ones

THRIVE Family Support | Online & In-Person | Free | Faith-Based

FAR Canada

Groups and Phone Support | Free | Online

SpiritWorks Foundation

Support Groups | Free | In-Person | Faith-Based

Cathy Taughinbaugh

Online Course for Parents | Paid

People of Color

Melanin & Mental Health logo

Melanin & Mental Health

A group connecting individuals with culturally competent clinicians committed to serving the mental health needs of BIPOC.

One Sky Center

Evidence-based approach "to improve prevention and treatment of mental health and substance abuse problems and services among Native people."


Fenway Health logo

Fenway Health

Health organization focused on the LGBTQIA+ community. This page on their site directs to their full list of addiction recovery services.

Spanish Speakers

Partnership to End Addiction logo

Partnership to End Addiction’s Spanish Online Support Community

EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY AT 8PM ET. Spanish speaking Helpline specialists host a series of live online gatherings for parents to share insight and ideas on managing teen and adult children. These gatherings are an opportunity for parents and caregivers to find support and connection, along with tangible guidance on addressing substance use. Click the link above to learn more.