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The Invitation to Change: A Short Guide is a practical guide to the 9 core topics of the Invitation to Change Approach, the helping approach at the core of everything we do.

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No More Stigma

Substance use support, for everyone who needs it

Fall 2021 Campaign

$250 of $100,000 goal

$250 - Anonymous
$250 - Anonymous11/30/21
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Questions: Please contact Director of Operations Meg Murray at [email protected] or 212-683-3684 ext 180

2020: We did it (and then some)!
Last year's fundraising effort exceeded our expectations–with your help, we raised over $250,000!

Campaign Mission

For the second year, CMC:Berkshires is partnering with CMC:Foundation For Change (CMC:FFC) to support their mission: spreading evidence-based ideas and strategies across the country to everyone who has a loved one struggling with substance use.

A Message from the Founders

For the second year, CMC:Berkshires is partnering with CMC:Foundation For Change (CMC:FFC – 501c3 nonprofit) to support our mission: to provide the families and friends of those struggling with substances the compassion, as well as the science based tools, that they need to help their loved one, themselves, and their communities thrive.

Through workshops, books, and online education, CMC:FFC is training lay people (parents, faith-based leaders, first responders, peer recovery supports) to bring evidence-based support to their communities, many of which do not have access due to their location or financial resources.

Last year, a CMC:Berkshires alum offered to support CMC:FFC’s work through a matching donation challenge. He matched donations of any size, and donors who gave over $5,000 selected plaques etched with quotes for CMC:B’s Place of Kindness, which now displays several messages of hope, humor, and insight. It resides on the exterior south wall of the Manor, just outside the library. 

CMC:B alumni, along with the  generous matching donor, helped us raise over $200,000. It was an incredible show of support for CMC:FFC, and many donors shared how much the tools they were provided at CMC:B had positively impacted their families. They also took great pleasure in sharing their hope and wisdom with future CMC:B clients, who will be able to reflect on the inspirational quotes they put on the wall.

The campaign was such a success, we have decided to renew the Place of Kindness campaign for a second year, and we hope you will join us! A donation of $5,000 or more will allow you to choose a quote to be added to the wall—but gifts of any size are always deeply appreciated.

Every donation made will go towards CMC:FFC’s mission of advancing science, kindness, and evidence-based support to families and communities who desperately need it. We are thrilled to have you alongside us in this campaign, and we hope you and those you love are thriving!


Carrie, Jeff and Will

Your Generosity
- Matched

A CMC:B alum is matching all donations up to $100,000, doubling your impact and taking CMC: Foundation for Change’s mission that much farther.

All funds support our core work of training families and professionals, as well as new initiatives to expand our reach.


Community Support

Over the past year, CMC:FFC has established a peer-to-peer community support network, based in the ITC and made up of local-led groups across the country. Anyone can start a community group––so we are incredibly excited about the potential of this program to grow.


Trainings & Workshops

In our Invitation to Change trainings, we invite family members and mental health professionals to reflect on what it means to help, reimagining the role that loved ones can play in the change process.


Broadening Our Reach

CMC:FFC is working to make our resources available on more platforms and in more languages. Digital and Spanish-language versions of our materials will help the Invitation to Change reach more people than ever before. 


With a gift of $5,000 or more, your donation will be commemorated with a plaque on our Place of Kindness wall along the south side of the CMC:Berkshires Manor.

About the

CMC:FFC works to empower everyone who loves someone struggling with substances. They equip communities with information that is based in science, grounded in compassion, and tailored to their needs. Learn more about their mission in their Foundation Brochure.

Know someone who wants to support evidence-based change?

Invite them to join our campaign by sharing the following message:

CMC:Berkshires is partnering with CMC:FFC, a non-profit that does groundbreaking work providing communities with access to compassionate, evidence-based tools to help those struggling with substance use.

If you are interested in joining their fundraising campaign, you can read more on their webpage:

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All contributions are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

Donors who contribute a gift of $5,000 or greater will have their donations commemorated along the south wall of the Manor on CMC:B grounds.

Choose your donation method

Online Donation Form


Prefer to pay by check? Please first fill out this pledge form.


Questions: Please contact Director of Operations Meg Murray at [email protected] or 212-683-3684 ext 180


What is the relationship between CMC:Berkshires and CMC:FFC?

CMC:Berkshires and CMC:FFC are separate entities that operate independently. CMC:FFC is a non-profit organization (registered 501 (c) (3) that provides support on a national level to the families of those struggling with substance use disorders – they do not provide treatment. The Founders of CMCB (Carrie Wilkens and Jeff Foote, and Will Regan) provide ongoing pro bono work for the Foundation, in addition to financial backing.

Can I write in my own quote or saying?

We welcome you to submit your own quote for the project. Our staff reserves the right to decide final edits on your submission to ensure appropriateness to the project. If you have an idea, email us at [email protected] and we can discuss!

Is my donation tax deductible?

CMC:Foundation for Change is a not-for-profit corporation that has exemption from federal income tax as a public charity under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your gift may be tax-deductible, and this letter serves as your receipt. If you have any specific questions about the deductibility of your contribution to CMC:Foundation for Change, please contact your personal tax advisor.

Will donating to CMC:FFC give me preferential treatment with the Center for Motivation and Change, at either our outpatient or residential centers?

Any and all donations to this campaign will be greatly appreciated by the CMC:FFC team. Though CMC: Berkshires is sponsoring this campaign, we would like to stress that your participation will not in any way affect your position or treatment within the Center for Motivation and Change.

Can I use my donation to support CMC:Berkshires instead or to fund treatment there?

No, currently CMC:B is not able to receive donations to fund treatment. All donations received in regard to this campaign will be directly donated to support the mission of CMC:Foundation for Change.

I would like to remain anonymous with my gift, is this possible?

Of course! When you fill out the form to donate, we will ask if you would like to remain anonymous. In order to make a donation, you will need to provide your name and address, but that information will not be printed publicly without your written consent.

When will the “wall” be constructed?

The wall has already finished construction, and is located along the exterior south wall of the Manor house, just outside the library. After you make your donation and choose your quote, we will manufacture your plaque, attach it to the wall, and send you a photo of your beautiful contribution.