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With a skills-oriented, compassionate outlook, The Invitation to Change Approach® demonstrates that families can both stay connected to their loved one and take care of themselves.

Whether the person you love just started engaging in substance use or whether they have been doing so for years, you have the power to help.

By changing how you understand their behaviors, and learning new communication and behavior change tools, you can create an environment that fosters growth and promotes change in you and your loved one.

Open the door to change by viewing your loved one’s substance use through a new lens.

What are your values and emotions? How can you bring them into the process of change?

Move toward what is important while accepting the difficult feelings that come with change.

Take care of yourself! Acknowledge your needs throughout this process.

Collaborative communication is key to supporting change in your loved one.

Grow positive behaviors and reduce negative ones with evidence-based strategies.

It’s normal for new behaviors to compete with the old, even as you move toward change.

The path to change is different for everybody - there is no one ‘right’ way to help!