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Tom Hedrick Jr.

Thomas A Hedrick, Jr.

Board Member
(In Memoriam)

Tom Hedrick served on CMC:FFC’s board from March 2017 until he passed away on September 15th, 2020. He was a founding member of the Partnership for a Drug Free-America in 1987 and a significant contributor and driving force which led to the creation of our organization. He was a mentor and confidant to many members of our team and will be greatly missed.

From Executive Director Dr. Jeff Foote:

Tom was a dear dear man, and a friend of mine, and what always felt like a fellow traveller with our group, in wanting better things for people…for parents in particular. He was always our voice of, “forget about your fancy words and please just give your hearts to the parents and people in pain.” He always made me feel so loved for doing so. He was always so positively reinforcing for being on his team. So I will miss that teammate a lot. Probably forever. And hope for us all that we bring forward with us some of what he embodied with such passion and anger and love at all times.