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The Invitation to Change: A Short Guide is a practical guide to the 9 core topics of the Invitation to Change Approach, the helping approach at the core of everything we do.

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Invitation to Change Workshop

for Professionals and Families

A multi-week, 16-hour workshop in the Invitation to Change Approach®, with the Chautauqua Department of Mental Hygiene.


Tuesdays in June, July, and August
(see full schedule below)


HYBRID: mostly Zoom, with in-person
kickoff and close events in CELORON, NY


Clinicians, Social Workers, Recovery Professionals, Families



ITC Certification

Certificate of Completion

Continuing Edu.



We’re inviting professionals in the addiction space to participate in a 17-hour virtual training in the Invitation to Change Approach (ITC), a compassionate and science-backed model for recovery support work.

CMC:Foundation for Change is conducting a virtual training for therapists who would like to learn to support families in the midst of dealing with the challenges of substance misuse.

As we are all well aware, we as mental health providers have been given little to no academic or clinical training in substance use issues, and perhaps even less in working with families caught in the middle of this struggle. CMC:FFC has spent the last 10 years working with families and developing a model, the Invitation to Change Approach, that pulls together a variety of evidence-based approaches (CRAFT, MI, and ACT).

The Invitation to Change offers families a set of down to earth, compassionate tools for navigating through these very difficult moments in their lives, as individuals and families. We have spent enormous time working with families to make this approach as sensible, accessible, and straightforward as possible, and have found families to be deeply appreciative and moved by these ideas and practices.

We are now delighted to invite a wider circle of professionals to learn to work simply and effectively with families and feel confident in providing them with evidence-based behavioral, motivational, and compassion-focused strategies. We as clinicians have found that working with these families, while initially intimidating and emotional, is deeply satisfying, intense and rewarding, as well as terribly important and needed.


Over June, July, and August, we invite you to join us for 16 hours of discussion, support, and skills learning in the Invitation to Change Approach.

“I have talked to multiple participants that said it blew their socks off.  ‘Life changing,’ ‘Wish I would have had this years ago,’ ‘Everyone needs this information,’ ‘Why aren’t more treatment providers offering this for their families.’ As a family recovery coach, I am so excited to bring this to more and more parents who truly want to do things differently.”

– Pam L., Certified Family Recovery Coach at Thrive! Family Support

Please note: This training includes two in-person training sessions, held in Celoron, NY

Live sessions location: Harbor Hotel at 10 DUNHAM AVENUE • CELORON, NY 14720

Training Dates

Live in-person kick-off session on June 6, 12pm – 2pm

Live Zoom sessions, 10am -12pm on Tuesdays:

June 13

June 20

June 27

July 11

July 18

July 25

Aug 1

Live in-person send-off session on Aug 8, 12pm – 2pm

Pre-recorded makeup sessions, 2pm – 4pm on Thursdays:

June 15

June 22

June 29

July 13

July 20

July 27

Aug 3

The Invitation to Change Approach is grounded in compassion, connection, and the understanding that families can have a powerful helping impact on those struggling to change. The ITC Approach draws on evidence-based practices also found in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and the Community Reinforcement and Family Training approach (CRAFT), as well as decades of clinical experience working with families and loved ones.

Built on the three pillars of Understanding, Awareness, and Action, the ITC first illuminates new perspectives on substance use and the process of change; next, it creates a foundation of self-awareness and willingness to engage with emotional pain. Finally, it emphasizes action, teaching communication and behavior skills to promote and support new behaviors in a person struggling with substance use.

This ITC workshop will give you useful evidence-based ways to understand your loved one’s behavior, so that you can use motivational and behavioral strategies to improve communication and promote change. You will learn skills to:

• Lessen the tension, conflict, and heated emotion in your relationship and household

• Allow yourself to be part of the change process and be taken care of on this journey

• Talk to your loved one in ways that improve collaboration and encourage change

• Respond more effectively both to the positive changes your loved one makes and to their less positive behaviors, while letting natural consequences play a role in motivating change

The ITC can help you take care of yourself while simultaneously staying engaged and practicing active strategies to invite and encourage change in your loved one, in yourself, in your family—and, if you’re  inspired to share it, in your larger community.