Video Series

Hear from those who effect the most change in the lives of people struggling with substances: their families and loved ones. 

Below, members of the CMC:Foundation for Change community share their reasons for hope and speak to the power of a loved one’s support.

Please support us today to ensure this new approach reaches as many families as possible.

Our Work is Motivated by Personal Experience

What drives our staff's dedication to this important work? CMC:FFC Director of Operations discusses her connection to substance use.

Family Members are Important Agents of Change

Dr. Jeff Foote speaks to the power of families and the role of self compassion.

Maintaining a Connection Can Have a Powerful Impact

Collin shares the importance of family support during difficult times.

It Helps to PAUSE and Hear What Your Loved One is Saying

Rhonda reflects on how listening without judgement changed her relationship with her daughter.

Ambivalence is Part of the Process

Jaime talks about finding hope in a child’s small steps towards change.

CMC:FFC is Shifting the Narrative

The Invitation to Change Approach highlights the importance of empowering families.

The Desire to Change is There, Even When Behaviors Stay the Same

Collin discusses how parents can help, from the perspective of a child who has struggled.

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