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Our Mission: To address the devastating impact substance use disorders have on individuals and their families by training, educating and empowering both laypeople and professionals in the use of effective, non-stigmatizing and compassionate evidence-based principles and practices.

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As clinicians and researchers we have been on the ground, fighting to improve treatment options for substance users and their families our entire careers and together our team has over 30 years of experience. We have been using and promoting evidence-based treatments since our inception. Our founders, Drs. Foote and Wilkens started CMC: NYC in 2003 as a unique model for outpatient treatment, using only highly trained clinicians to provide science-based, compassionate treatments for our clients and their families. Over the next 10+ years of learning and experience, we helped thousands of people and attracted and trained a large staff of like-minded psychologists. In 2014 we expanded our services to provide this model of treatment in a residential setting at CMC: Berkshires, again combining research-supported therapies, an expert staff of psychologists and true compassion and understanding for those we are helping.

In an effort to educate people across the country about new ways to think about addiction and effective ways to help, in 2014 we wrote an award-winning book, “Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change”. And since we know that in periods of high stress that family members may not have the time to read an entire book, we wrote an easy to use workbook, ”The Parent’s 20-Minute Guide” which can be purchased for nominal fee or downloaded for free from it’s website (www.the20minuteguide.com). Both of these resources have a hugely loyal following of clinicians and families who feel a roadmap has finally been given to them for difficult times. In fact, there are increasing number of support groups based on the 20 Minute Guide across the country.

111,000,000 family members are affected by addiction.

Join us in the fight to give these families hope.


CMC:Foundation for Change is a 501(c)(3) organization.